Friday, June 8, 2007

Set Two: 2426 Bradish Place

Jonathan Traviesa
"The Delicate Situation of John McDonough"
New Orleans public education is at a crossroads. I see potential blossoming
and potential death.

Elizabeth Underwood

Robert Vicknair/Monica Zeringue
R:The plastic dress is a garment for an allegorical figure( see Delacroix,Greece On The Ruins Of Missolonghi).Satellite images of waterways, islands,and canals fill the bottom and back of the dress.A map of Tulane
/Gravier covers the stomach of the figure.

David Sullivan
The beast is made of plastic bags, odds and ends, and has tools for legs. It is on some sort of support - tubes run from gallon jugs of colored liquid into the beast's orifices. If you kick his balls, they light up garishly and strobe for a few seconds. It's a pitiful sight.

Valerie Massimi / Victor and Juliet

Playground - A place for Weeds and Thistles
Wild plants are riding this sculpture like the Merry-Go-Round in the park. We like the flowering weeds and thistles but feel that it is strange to see them overtaking so many places.

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